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On his site, Limarev does his best to separate Guzzanti and his paid consultant, Mario Scaramella. At the same time he doesn't understand Guzzanti's anger towards him.

Guzzanti's well known throws of anger serve several purposes. Above all, it distracts from the core fact that both Guzzanti and Scaramella have slandered Limarev by accusing him of writing the two notorious emails with numerous false allegations. It further serves the purpose of demonstrating that Limarev is not trustworthy. If he declared that he met Guzzanti when he didn't, one can jump to the persuasive but illogical conclusion that his denial of having written the emails is not to be believed. Limarev is also not to be trusted because, as Gordievsky insinuates, he is a KGB agent on mission to frame Guzzanti and Scaramella. Or if we're to take the Guzzanti interview with Gordievsky at its word, Limarev is part of the Litvinenko assassination conspiracy.

Limarev represents a further danger as having been in the Finsider offices in San Marino when the holding had been already closed and subject to investigation for fraudulent bankruptcy. It has not been reported if the building had been sequestered by judiciary authorities at the time Limarev reportedly visited the premises. But the simple matter is that Limarev may have witnessed a Big Store scam in act.

The bottom line is that either the Guzzanti-Scaramella theorem is correct or Limarev is right.

I can't agree with Limarev's oft repeated allegation that Guzzanti and Scaramella are targets for rogue KGB agents because of their Mitrokhin investigations. There is nothing to their circular, self confirming "investigations" nor the hallucinatory clap-trap about nuclear bombs in the Bay of Naples. No government or its intelligence services would be remotely interested in the shenanigans of these two sideshow con artists who have crassly manipulated the Litvinenko and Politovskaja murders to make themselves warriors against non-existent enemies.

Murder a senator from another sovereign state? Get real.

Limarev is going to have to double check his allegations on that. Because if Scaramella may not be appreciated in certain Ukrainian- or Russian- circles, it would have nothing to do with the farcical "Mitrokhin" commission. Other than the self-contrived plot and Limarev's comfirmation there is no other evidence that the two are hit targets.

Evgueni Limarev is being framed, just as Aleksandr Talik was.

by de Gondi (publiobestia aaaatttthotmaildaughtusual) on Wed Jan 31st, 2007 at 06:17:50 AM EST

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