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For US actions in Africa, I can recomend the MoA special:

M of A - Understanding AFRICOM - Part I

Understanding AFRICOM - Part I

Understanding AFRICOM:
A Contextual Reading of Empire's New Combatant Command

(This is part one of Understanding AFRICOM. Published now are also part II and part III. A PDF version of the complete series is available. Your comments on this are welcome here.)

by b real


In early February 2007 the White House finally announced a presidential directive to establish by September 2008 a new unified combatant command with an area of responsibility (AOR) solely dedicated to the African continent. While there had been chatter and debate over a period of years about the form that such a military command should take, the announcement to proceed with centralizing military resources in Africa should not have surprised anyone paying attention for the past seven years.

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