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European Tribune - Download ET's own Firefox add-on: TribExt
Do you browse the web on Firefox? Then you can download TribExt, a nifty little add-on, written by ET user someone, to navigate around European Tribune easier. It can also be used on Booman Tribune and Daily Kos.

European Tribune - Download ET's own Firefox add-on: TribExt

This version allows you to

  • easily browse to new comments in a diary;
  • quote articles and previous comments with automatic HTML formatting;
  • quote non-English texts into a bilingual column, into which you can enter a translation, again with automatic HTML formatting;
  • review your copy history in a sidebar;
  • use an IAE (Idiotic Acronym Expander) just by clicking on an acronym;
  • rate a comment 4 more easily with a new +4 button.

It's really easy once installed, but if you need detailed user instructions, check the above linked diaries.

With it installed these 2 quotes were made by just marking the text, and then copy and paste. Just used the TribEXT copy instead of ordinary copy, and all the html, adresses, links, bulletpoints comes with in the copying.

TribEXT - it gets you addicted!

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by A swedish kind of death on Tue Oct 16th, 2007 at 08:13:11 PM EST
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