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My my my. Long ago and very far away, I once worked at The Corner, in that grand and beautiful open floor space, with a portrait of old JP himself glaring down from the wall.

According to this [ multiple failed attempts to link inconspicuously via cleverly hidden link to old newspaper article; how does one do it? ] article, it's not 23 Wall but 15 Broad that is to be (or has been by now?) made into condos. A much taller building, if not nearly as architecturally attractive.

I suspect JP might not be grave-spinning so much as those who followed him. The old boy was, as nearly as I could tell, pretty pragmatic.

Wonder if the new owners kept intact the damage from the 1920 bomb along the Wall Street side of the building? Or perhaps they've had it smoothed over--evidence of a bomb attack, however failed, on the bastion of conspicuous consumption might not be good for apartment sales.

Here's the link I couldn't figure out how to hide: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9E01E6DA133CF932A25756C0A9629C8B63&fta=y

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