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Pensions for persons working at other (private) companies are not at stake currently, right? I get the impression you're talking about an overhaul of the pension system for everyone - and how likely is it in the current political climate that your proposal will even be considered? Looks like ideology clash. BTW, I should stress your proposal sounds fine by me, and if there's enough clout for it, why not - but also it sounds like you're upping the scale - because you don't agree with the current pension frame.


and the "inequality" in pensions is financed by higher payments by the SNCF, not by the other workers ; like any wage differential.

I understand that offset - hence the proposal to couple wage increases with contribution increases. Yet is this, or other compromises, even on the table by the government? If not, do you think such proposals would be forthcoming? In other words: how much is Fillon bluffing?

by Nomad on Fri Oct 19th, 2007 at 06:46:43 AM EST
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