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OK, so then again you agree that there are no principal difference between private and state employment and that it is equally horrible. So why should then the state people retire earlier?

I prefer to negotiation myself. Especially if it's between the union and the state-owned corporation. State-owned corporations have a tendency to be filled with people from the political left. And, whaddayouknow, so does the union. The result is that there are close buddies on both sides. Which in turn is one major reason why people in public service tend to have lower pay than similar jobs in the private sector.

And why should you negotiate at all? I see no reason to negotiate. I want to choose my retirement plan. Why on earth should I negotiate about it? It's MY money, in the end. Yeah, I know that the employer does the actual payment, but that means that when you employ somebody, the employer takes all of this into his calculation on how much the highest salary he is prepared to pay is. So in the end, it comes out of my money, buy giving me a lower salary. So why on earth should the union and the state negotiate over something that in fact almost only affects me?

The state should only handle things that affect many people. The union should only handle things that affect their members. I would very much like them to keep their fingers out of my life unless I ask them to, thank you very much.

by freedomfighter on Tue Oct 23rd, 2007 at 07:05:20 PM EST
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