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Wow -- I'm bumping into talks about different economic views / theories / systems / philosophies everywhere tonight.

Recently shared this comment with someone at dKos in the crosspost of my "Fueling the Fire/$100 oil" diary. Essentially, the comment reads:

That depends on your definition of

the word and its application.

Social Capitalism vs. Economic Capitalism are different creatures in different mixes throughout the world.

Check out the chart in this AARE paper for an idea of how (in that author's view) the "Taxonomy of International agencies: OECD, UNESCO and World Bank" shakes out.

You can also take a gander here, from the World Bank site PovertyNet.  Here's the introductory blurb:

There is increasing evidence that trade at the macro level is influenced by social capital --a common property resource whose value depends on the level of interaction between people. While most work on social capital is microeconomic, social capital has implications for the effect of trade and migration, economic reform, regional integration, new technologies which affect how people interact, security, and more.
There's a balance, and when political systems, social systems, economic systems (both macro and micro) and cultural systems all combine and mix with ecological factors, there's a tremendous range of potential for what systems can thrive and grow and what costs or impacts upon the others are.

Right now, Bush/Cheney and the Republican reprobates are propagating "none of the above" with their program of disaster capitalism. (Warning: Google search string.)

Never, never brave me, nor my fury tempt:
   Downey wings, but wroth they beat
Tempest even in reason's seat.
by GreyHawk on Mon Oct 29th, 2007 at 11:51:56 PM EST

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