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Following your chart above, maybe we could say that it would be better if society frowned on financial expenditure on materials (=products) once levels 1 and 2 (physiological and safety) had been attained, as the others are "psychological" and could be tied to status but it would be clear that if someone tried to buy their way to (e.g.) friendship, respect of others, and creativity by buying objects as opposed to buying education (e.g. individual lessons) or time (e.g. in a retreat or a walking expedition) etc...

...then they were "over consuming"--that once physiological well-being and safety had been attained...and then there could be a discussion about what minimum objects are needed (depending on location) in order to be both physiologically sound and safe (where "safe" would, I think, be the big issue, sorta like "how rich is 'rich'"...)

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