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It's clear that the EU cannot reach its targets without massive imports of agrofuels from tropical regions. It's equally clear that we would thus be buying into a plantation monoculture that is bad in terms of soil loss but even more worrying in terms of rainforest destruction. Sustainable, not -- even if one imagines the transport of the fuels is "neutral".

As for indigenous production (European maize, wheat, rapeseed, etc) it's nothing more than a gimmick designed to permit continuing distribution of subsidies to industrial farming.

Second-generation: well, we've always said it might come through. And the sustainability issues might be considerably less (though some dispute that), because coppiced wood plantations and high-cellulose-yield grasses could be sustainably managed on marginal land.

But second-generation methods don't seem to be steaming ahead. What captures the attention and the $bucks/€bucks is food crops used as feedstock.

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