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Would that several million people, Germans perhaps, in 1933, 34 or 35 had been possessed of the poor taste and "classlessness," had been willing to succumb to the gaucherie of loudly and publicly comparing Adolph Hitler to... well ..what the hell, lets go for it.. Adolph Hitler, I wonder what result might have ensued. Or, back in the USSR, had Russians stood up and said "hey this Stalin guy is becoming a real Hitler or maybe even a Stalin," how many of the fifty million Russian dead might have been spared, the cold war, arms race avoided, at least greatly reduced.

Fully agreed! But then again, I repeatedly railed against the use of Godwyn's Law to club discussion.

To restate my main point: those railing against Hitler/Nazi/fascism comparisons are only capable to view fascism as the end state of Nazism, and ignore the long step-by-step road that took there from Weimar democracy. Thus they view Nazism (fascism) as something singular, without a historical lesson, and without a sense that if similarities are pointed out today, that is not necessarily a 10% prediction of similar development tomorrow, but a way to start action to prevent such a development.

Make no mistake, these people, the architects of the last six years of international turmoil, of domestic division, of war and death, of crushing despair and hopelessness, are Nazis,

This is the one point where I wouldn't go as far -- "fascists" is bad enough for me, to name one specific manifestation only makes one search for the differences.

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by DoDo on Thu Oct 25th, 2007 at 05:00:32 AM EST

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