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Fully agreed!
i think I have to disagree with you here, DoDo, I honestly don't think, if someone had been able to come back from the future and told each German, what would happen, that it had changed the outcome. They would not have been believed. - NO that would not happen here, we are different, we are better. Those are not our problems, how dare you comparing me to those ....

no, as sad as it makes me, to say this, it would not have changed doddle.
what would have changed, is not a comparison, but the recognition of the other.
When they came for, ... because I wasn;t one of them. The famous quote of the German submarine aptain, eh church minister.

However, my argument, is not that the comparison should not be made, I am criticising its usefulness to advance an argument.
It can certainly move on an emotion, and might make people realise something. But then, I would argue, they are realy on connecting to a deeper recognition of the underlying problem of Faschism, and not its historical appearance between 1933 and 1945.

So, motivation to act, stand up, speak, I am all for that - but advancing an intellectual argument, understanding human behaviour on a deeper level, (restricted) no.

by PeWi on Thu Oct 25th, 2007 at 05:25:41 AM EST
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