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Let me interrupt the fear to digress into amurka's greatest weakness.  For those of you who were at the Paris meetup, this comment is old news.

This is not some internet secret, gained by going to T - erroristiness sites.  For decades drunken amurkans have been shooting out transformers, where it only takes a small while before the oil leaks out, the transformer shorts, and big sparks make quite a show.  A side effect is that whatever the transformer was transforming stops flowing.  When it happens at substation, the cascade effect takes out most of the buses and capacitors.

A Volkswagon vanagon with a sunroof and vietnam era mortars would do even more.  Coordinate on the most important substations across the land, say between six and sixty, and amurka has no electricity for months.  You don't just go to Home Depot to pick up a utility transformer.

Of course, that would also mean mar-tial law and susdension of the constidution, so they win again.  Roar.  (Typos intentional)

Wish i hadn't said this.  But if hundreds of energy activists have been talking about this for decades, could we be the only ones knowing this?

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Ana´s Nin

by Crazy Horse on Thu Oct 25th, 2007 at 04:51:38 PM EST

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