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I agree with you that puting emphasis on selection by beating is stupid.. and most animal (slight majority) adapt to pressure by cooperating). Still I would nto be so sure that this behavoral pressure is the most important drivng force of evolution...I would go for changes int he genetic-proteic strucutres whcih suddenly play with the devleopment of the fetus gnerating quite bigger jumps that are put to test in the environment (for example one animal suddenly gets an extra leg... can he survive with this extra leg?... stupid example but visual).

The only thing I would like to ask you is why evolution has the to select the minimum intelligence required to survive in any niche. You based that on the fact that it is expensive.. but the animal and bacteria kingdom is full of examples where very energy expensive  solutions are given to particular problems... for example why to become bigger and get/need a mitochondria? Once a cell gets it ..it can be bigger... but getting bigger means more energy.. and only once you have the mitochondria you can get that big... so they seem to go ahnd in hand.

The same goes for the broken symmetry problem of fetus... very expensive to break the symmetry.. buy you need it if you are going to create a hole where the food can pass...

And there are other less "strategic" examples... of things that could be made more efficient.. but they are not because they already work (if it ain't broken don't fix it theory of evolution).

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by kcurie on Wed Oct 10th, 2007 at 01:14:24 PM EST
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