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I don't know about France, but in Germany, according to SPIEGEL, here is a comparison with other tough or early-wake-up or transport jobs:

Locomotive drivers now: as low as €1500
Locomotive drivers from 2008: €1821-2179 (I guess the difference between management offer and trade union demand is involved)
Construction machine drivers: €2310-2522
Roofers: €2415-2604
Long-distance truck drivers: €1733-1793
Cleaners: €1607-1762
Miner squad chiefs: €2475-2512
Bakers: €1518-1700
Postmen: €1740-2183
Caretakers (nurses) for old people: €1575-2081
Steel smelter worker: €1430

Note that airline pilots' pay is often scaled according to the number of potential passengers (e.g. seats) they are responsible for.

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