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I still trust him.. because he makes noises.. he can not changed the policy on housing.. it does not belong to him... he just makes enough saying that it is better to move away from housing... pushing slowly... all what econmic ministers an do there.

I like his fiscal policy... if I forget about the sustainability issue....

yes the fiscal policy sould have a deep cahnge towards taxing fuel, waste and so on and get rid of the taxes for workers... stil he has been the only one I know which increased taxes on cars wth more than averge fuel standartds and educe it fore fficeint cars.. so basically he implemented one of the points in energize america single handidly...

within the parameters we normally move he is OK....let's hope one day society/ecnomic sectors is open to move towards a change in fiscality...maybe when oil is at 500 $?

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by kcurie on Thu Nov 22nd, 2007 at 01:25:09 PM EST
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