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Back in the 80's I was in Londen with a friend and two girl friends.
We were on the tube, destination Victoria station.
Tube overcrowded. we, first time in London feeling uncomfortable.
Suddenly, 2 meters away a man collapses...people moving up to make place he can fall on the floor and everybody looking elswhere.
Man on the floor starts to shake hevemently and making loud strange noises.
My friend and I make are way to the man by pushing violently people aside. The same moment, from the opposite side, a very young woman kneels near the man's head and put her fingers in the mouth of the man to grab his tongue.  She gave us instructions what to do and said this was a heavy epileptic case.
Fucking nobody else was doing something to help and people were even reluctant to make some place.

Suddenly , the speakers gave a loud beep and a very quiet voice announces the train wouldn't stop in Victoria station because of a bomb-alert.(It was the very same day an IRA bomb exploded in Tower museum, killing German tourists).

Nah, train accelerated while my friend and I were trying to hold the violently shaking man on the flour to avoid harming himself and the young woman franticly trying to keep his breath going on.

2 minutes(ages) later the train stops, everybody is leaving and other people enter the train.
I couln't find an emergency thing whatsoever, so I ran to the door and can yell to a man in uniform "call an ambulance" he replies "are you sure?" and I say "godverdomme yes!" The man starts to run and I feel the doors are closing, the girl friends came to help to keep the doors open so the train couln't leave.
Angry people all around, luckily after a few minutes a professional rescue-team arrived and took the man with them.
Nah, welcome to London.

The struggle of man against tyranny is the struggle of memory against forgetting.(Kundera)

by Elco B (elcob at scarlet dot be) on Fri Nov 23rd, 2007 at 06:28:30 PM EST
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