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No, that accident received high publicity, little coverage is more due to sparse archived material and limited for-free access to it -- plus the under-development of web presence in Hungary relative to Western Europe.

For example, railfan magazine Indóház's Dec 2006 issue had an article on it, but the web version is just a short abstract and the photo below:

Tis MS Word document, a summary of rail accidents from 1961 to 1970, has more than a page on it (in Hungarian).

I know of one major accident that was swept under the carpet: the tragedy of Herend/Veszprém on 22 January 1983. There were a lot of wild rumours spreading around -- I first heard of it from a taxi driver a few years ago, who used to be a railway accident specialist back then, but even he relied partially on rumours, as the soldiers kept them away until the corpses were removed -- he only saw the bloodied walls. But I now found an authoritative account.

It happened at the end of a major Warshaw Pact military exercise in the Bakony mountains. Recruits were loading equipment back on railcars at station Herend. A unit of c. 100 that finished faster was allowed by rule-breaking political officers to go to sleep in three crew cars. But those weren't secured yet, and began to roll downhill. Dispatchers began feverishly to clear its way, but they were too late with a freight train arriving to station Veszprém 14 km downhill. The latter drove at c. 30-40 km/h, the escaped cars rolled with 130-140 km/h (e.g. 100 km/h collision speed), with most onboard asleep and those awake not unsuspecting what happened.

9 dead on the spot, many seriously hurt, unknown number dead in hospital. The sparse official report admitted five dead. The accident specialist turned taxi driver assumed dozens of dead, and told the rumor that the victims were high-ranked Soviet officers -- but apparently less was enough for secrecy.

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