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Markets are based on moral imbecility because the people who worked hard to define the ideology are vicious spoilt children. Naturally, their ethics reflect this - qv Bush who is the mushroom-like excrescence on top of a fungoid crap-fed culture of white-bread privilege that has infected the US body politic.

If Aspergers types find economic favour, it's a symptom of that fact, not a cause of it.

Marketista ideology is a direct result of a handful of rich crazies in the US deciding to create a shift rightward. It's been one of the most successful social engineering projects in the whole of history, because they've effectively created a huge propaganda edifice made of many bricks, all different, all apparently unrelated, pushing the same party line to create a compelling illusion of unanimity.

The institutional pathology of a corporation, which drives people to engage in amoral behaviour vis-a-vis the outside is highly dependant upon socialisation within the firm. This is the same principle that governs armies, etc. In fact if you look at the Bush admin you'll see a (too) tightly knit social group. There's a lot of social capital right there.

The amorality of these groups is based upon a simple us vs. them distinction universal to all social animals. There is nothing pathological about that.

It follows that having a social disorder like aspergers that makes it practically impossible to socialise will always be an obstacle to operating well within that setting. People with such disorders will only be hired when they can compensate for that failing with some kind of specially marketable skill.

Now the picture of businesses hiring swathes of people with severe social disorders seems to me to be based upon popular myths spread by hollywood. I'd give 10 to 1 odds that the mathemeticians this receptionist was talking about are at most 'freaks' with no more certifiable social disorders than not fitting into her ideas about corporate representativeness.

by nanne (zwaerdenmaecker@gmail.com) on Tue Nov 27th, 2007 at 05:53:58 AM EST
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