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One GW will be an engineering feat, at the least. I agree with you that a reasonable-scale demonstration project is in order, but - omigosh - one GW!! Not any time soon, I predict.

I also agree that vertical designs have certain advantages, low-wind-speed start-up and some value as a "flywheel".

I've seen an interesting development of a spade-shaped turbine (in the conventional sense of turbine) design for rooftops that purports to use the dynamics of 'ground effect' flow efficiently. So far, they're only letting contractors/distributors sign up for a unit. Supposed to be light enough to not cause damage to roof integrity. We shall see, maybe.

paul spencer

by paul spencer (spencerinthegorge AT yahoo DOT com) on Mon Nov 26th, 2007 at 07:29:06 PM EST

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