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To be fair, NYT also included a reason why it matters little that the wind does not blow all the time.

Sweden Turns to a Promising Power Source, With Flaws - New York Times

Of course, Sweden does not need to build wind parks to get wind power. It could simply buy more surplus wind power from Denmark, which it uses, as does Norway, to pump underground water into elevated reservoirs. The water is later released during periods of peak electric demand to drive hydroelectric stations.

In this way, hydro acts as a form of storage for wind energy -- addressing one of wind power's biggest shortcomings. Sweden's strength in hydro makes it a good candidate for greater development of wind power, according to analysts.

And being dependent on high-voltage lines is no news for a country with lots and lots of hydro in a sparsely populated area, i.e. the northern half of Sweden.

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And there's always

  The Great Battery of Kimberley

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