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and the title is utterly false.

A rather simplistic dishing out of distorted half-truths. It's true that the post-WWII time is showing recorded cooling, and that since ~1800 the earth has been progressively warming, although there is plenty of debate whether the mini "ice age" and medieval warming were constrained to regional areas.

It's also true that paleo-temperature reconstructions suffer from multiple flaws and I personally lean to the opinion McIntyre is on the ball as the paleo-temperature crews he contests are dismally silent on the issues raised.

But these points are moot. Unless you want to argue CO2 is not a GHG, CO2 contributes at minimum to global temperature increase. To what scale it does is contested but the risks involved are not to be trifled with: we're pressing a pistol to the temple of a future generation while not knowing if there's a bullet in the chamber, but chances are larger and larger that there is.

The moment CO2 fluxes went beyond the natural state, it became an anthropological polluter which should be considered with an external cost attached, following the "polluter pays" principle.

by Nomad on Mon Nov 5th, 2007 at 04:29:46 AM EST
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