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... high enough to cause so much pain that people will actually spend 2 hours waiting for a crappy bus rather than pay for gas...

Whatever price level oil might have to reach to produce that effect, maybe the bus won't be so crappy after all. The bus company should then (finally!) be able to make a profit by pricing their service below the cost of private driving, yet above their actual operating costs. That means acquiring energy-efficient buses, running reliably and on time, hiring good drivers, and so forth. It sounds pretty good to me!

Buses, specifically, should have a bright future in the U.S., where large numbers of people live in far-flung places with no rail service. There is really no other way to transport those people.

Some entrepreneur will probably come up with a fancier, more impressive vehicle which is no longer called a bus -- maybe an Air Pavilion or something -- but which amounts to the same thing without such a steep fall in status.

by Ralph on Wed Nov 7th, 2007 at 03:41:59 PM EST
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