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I agree with you that any such projects are by-products. As I stated earlier, they are best conducted outside ET using different software that enables a different kind of practical collaboration. I don't see any reason however why such a 'work group site' might not extend the brand in some way. But this is all in the future.

What is true IMO is that collaboration and cooperation are the major factors in ET's building success. It is inevitable that these processes would produce all sorts of relationships that might have a life outside of ET - personal, political, professional etc. As they do.

As you say, ET can be and is a place for meeting, kicking stuff around, and possibly forming teams around common projects. But the key (and filter) is that ET is open, visible to all, and this naturally precludes any discussion of commercial ventures except in the broadest terms. ET is already a ThinkLab - an incubator. What we have to work out is how best to allow incubation to develop. And the only place we have to discuss it is here ;-)

I disagree with you on virtual organizations. I spend a lot of my time communicating with clients and team members by email and mobile. I often have no idea where they are geographically. I think Chris is talking about a virtual company of the future. I certainly am. The tools are not all in place yet, but they are being developed.

As you say, it would be hard to convince clients of the value of ET without a track record. But, like you, ET naturally does influence what I do commercially, certainly in thinking about concepts, because I have learned a lot.

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by Sven Triloqvist on Fri Nov 9th, 2007 at 09:51:28 AM EST
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