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My response would be anecdotal and in a rush as I am under heavy deadlines at the moment. There have been surveys recently in Italy that point to a general disaffection. It appears that the only revolutionary left in Italy is the head of Italian fed reserve, Mario Draghi who insists that workers be paid more. Bank of Italy stats indicate a 30% fall in buying power in the past decade. But a 30% wage hike is beyond any government's wildest hopes.

President Napolitano was in the States yesterday and was received by Bush. It would appear that the article came out together with that event. As far as "national mood" analyses go, Cambridge or what not, I usually don't bother reading them.

There are far more interesting events going on in Italy at the moment, especially on politics. Berlusconi is under investigation for attempted corruption of centerleft Senators. The journalist, Giuseppe D'Avanzo, who made the scoop was subject to a search warrant on his private premises.

Berlusconi made the mistake to attempt to bribe an Italian Australian Senator, not realizing that Australians have a different concept of governance.

Berlusconi's brutal attack against the judges warranted an official reprimand by the magistrates' governing body.

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