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I find lots of interesting tidbits.

  • Recognition that sports give a feeling of community is highest in Ireland and Britain.

  • 62% of those above 55, only 54% of the 19-24 year old think peace is the most positive result of Eropean integration. So those born into it recognise it less, but fortunately the majority still does. (Also, the overall figure increased over the last poll.) Among countries, the Iberian peninsula is least thinking so.

  • The EU is least seen as democratic not in Britain, not in Sweden, but in Finland (50%).

  • Attachment to the European flag is very strong -- even in Britain (more identify with it that in France!).

  • Attachment to the EU itself is less strong, with Finland again "outdoing" Britain at 30% -- will there be a Finnish Euroscepticism outbreak?

  • On the harder question on membership, countries where "good thing" is not an absolute majority: Czech Republic (46%), Cyprus (44%), Finland (42%), UK (39%), Hungary and Latvia (37%), Austria (36%). (However, for those who aren't merely indifferent but think it's a "bad thing", Britain's 30% leads, followed by now usual suspects Austria, Finland, Sweden and France.)

  • An outstanding 79% of Danes think EU membership benefitted their country -- maybe that's why Rasmussen waged a referendum on the Euro? The sceptics are led by Hungary (52%), which I ain't surprised about (I suspect most blame the government for failing to make much of it, failure to withdraw EU funds was an issue recently).

*Where the UK stands reall apart is trust in European institutions: always dead last and at least ten percentage points behind the second-last.

*52% of Slovenes consider themselves well-informed about the EU -- a startling and outstanding result (Luxemburg's second place with 50% doesn't surprise me).

* The UK is co-last along with Romania in correct answers for three questions about the EU (40%), but Europhile Italy's 43% is not much better... Startingly, Greece leads all the way (74%). The question with least correct answers is a whopper: that on direct election of members of the most popular and known EU institution, the EP (45%, -4% compared to last time).

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

by DoDo on Sat Dec 15th, 2007 at 04:44:02 PM EST
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