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Interesting points. I dont take issue with your point that most states are created by some sort of war.  Not all the boundaries are artificially created though. Certainly not in Europe. The middle east you are 100 percent correct.

Nationalism was not the cause of WWI.  "Modern" wars, as WWI was, now require the mobilization of the entire entire.  Nationalism was used by the governments participating in the war bring MILLIONS of soldiers into the army and to mobilize war production.  

As to U.S., you obviously read your Marcuse or perhaps, Manufacturing of Consent.  You believe that Americans love america because the media and education system tells them to do so. That is a lot of hooey. I dont think people are sheep, Frank. And I dont think they are stupid either. Americans wholeheartedly endorse the system of government we have because it works.  Our government and economic system has provided more wealth and stability than any other system the world has ever seen. Naturally, Americans support it.  The US system is based on the INDIVIDUAL, something also very unique.  An individual has rights and that he has economic freedom to achieve what is best for him/her not "society", whatever that is.

I find it somewhat fascinating that you find Cuba more democratic even though rule their is enforced by gunpoint.  Socialism is usually the system that resorts to media control, education and almost always the gun to enforce conformism.  SU, Cambodia, Vietnam, old Eastern Bloc, National socialism, China and now Venezuela.


by Terry (Terry@pollackzuckerman.com) on Sun Dec 16th, 2007 at 11:59:19 AM EST
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