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Europe would not be democratic if it wasnt mainly for the United States.  And after what Europe did last century, Europeans need not lecture Americans on and peace, freedom and democracy.

And whether you like it or not, it was mostly the US that finally brought peace to Europe. Which side was Ireland on, per chance? Yes, I know they were officially neutral. But who did they help?

You are indeed right. American foreign policy has been on the wrong side of dictatorships too often. Especially, those who were anti communist during the cold war. Just as France built Saddam a nice nuclear reactor and how other european countries armed African dictators and permitted the slaughter in Kosovo.  No one can claim the holier than thou mantle.

You should read Marcuse and Manufacturing of Consent since it is in line with your philosophy. Although, you should try some opposing views too.  I recommend F. Hayek's Road to Serfdom.

Your "one party democracy" is a unique concept.  That would have made the old Soviet Union a democracy as well.  China might be a democracy too.  Democracy is not just an election.  It requires the consent of the governed, freedom of expression, the right to private property.  All of the things your Cuba is specifically bans.  

Chavez was democratically elected. As was Hitler.  However, Chavez "reforms" are designed to bring him permanent rule and end democracy.  Getting rid of media that doesnt agree with him. Making it a crime to criticize his government.  Arresting opposition members and taking private property.  This sounds like a democracy heading the wrong way.  No wonder there are food shortages now caused by his socialistic policies.

I will ask this one question again, are you a socialist Frank?  There is no shame in that in Europe.

P.S. Your million francs are in the mail.


by Terry (Terry@pollackzuckerman.com) on Mon Dec 17th, 2007 at 01:58:43 PM EST
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