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Intelligence & Research Divisions, eh? You mean brainstorming sessions. And this surprises you. Over and over again, I've asked you the question, and you completely avoid it. What did the US gain by refusing to recognize Coratia and Slovenia? Answer that.

"Saying that the US was against the recognition of Slovenia and Croatia while at the same time supporting the delivery of arms to Croatia's nationalists and the training of KLA guerillas in Germany just does not make the mark."

This comment seems like a blatant contradiction. I'm arguing that the US opposed German policy. You write that the US was against recognition even while Germany was training KLA guerillas. As though this is a contradiction. It's not. The US has one policy. The Germans had another. This is central to my original point. How can you miss this?

Not to mention the fact that Germany had helped train the KLA long after the period we are talking about (1991). The KLA hardly existed as such back then. They came into existence after the fall of the Albanian ponzi scheme years later.

"It's not what we say but what we do that defines who we are."

Well, you have to get the story straight first.

by Upstate NY on Sun Dec 16th, 2007 at 11:17:25 AM EST
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