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I find it once again amazing to see how the American hawks, entirely supported by America's so called "progressive" currents, manage to systematically paint an image of the Russians stirring up tensions. From the cost of gas sold to Ukraine to Georgia to Moldova... it's always the Russian's fault. Here again, these same hawks are pointing to Russia as the paragon of tension, whereas the tension isn't coming from Russia. It's coming from Washington (again). In the case of Kosovo, Russia is in favor of respecting international law. Washington is in favor of might making right (chaos). Russia wants a diplomatic solution. Washington wants a military solution (war).

The hypothesis that Russia would benefit from tensions with Western Europe because it would be able to sell more weapons seems far fetched. Sell more weapons to whom? The Serbs? Oh sure, the Serbs are so loaded with cash to invest in missiles that that their buying more weapons could easily make up for lost energy & metal revenues. The Russian military could buy more weapons, yes, but that's diverting state funds from investments in the economy, the infrastructure, etc. to the military - and it's already the case - without tensions (war) in Europe.

Now how would Washington benefit from chaos?

by vladimir on Wed Dec 19th, 2007 at 08:59:24 AM EST

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