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The one thing that even the alarmists are discounting is the reaction of Kosovo Serbs. For my amateur reading of the situation, that's my only concern. I don't think Serbia proper is going to do anything. But if the Serbs in Kosovo revolt (I'm not even talking about arms) it could be enough to send the Albanians over the bridge.

And somehow I can't see the peacekeepers keeping the peace. If that happens, you can bet that paramilitaries will trickle over the border while the new Albanian militias enter into the fray as well.

17,000 troops in a boundary encircling 2 million people?

Reminder: the Serbs are in enclaves, they are not huddling behind a border. 17,000 troops could keep a region safe, but we're talking about pockets of Serbs all over Kosovo.

by Upstate NY on Wed Dec 19th, 2007 at 07:01:35 PM EST

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