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Well perhaps the NYT has a need to portray advanced social market economies like Denmark as somehow sclerotic and failing to inspire their young, but I see far less Irish people emigrating to the US now than they ever did before.

It is understandable that young people should want to extend their international experience and be more focused on cash now rather than pensions and social/health care benefits later, but I suspect most are moving within the EU.

The global economy is increasingly a reality for all.  The danger is that some countries will end up with a disproportionately aged population and the much greater social expenditures and taxes that flow from that - further accentuating the flow of young people from their tax nets.

The development of EU wide pensions, social welfare and health care system would seem a logical extension to avoid such "market distortions" but we are talking serious money here, and therefore serious room for political disagreements.

It is difficult to see huge changes in this area without agreement to some kind of European Government as opposed to a mere EU Commission.

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