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No, no. But she appears to have been a willing vessel for carrying Washington interests in Pakistan these past few years.

Much is being said of what a popular woman was Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, but while she does enjoy some popularity with some (though nowhere near the popularity she had when she went back in the mid-80's and millions came to see her), she is also reviled by many. And not just because of her pro-Washington stances, which are not particularly popular in Pakistan these days.

If she went back with Washington assurances of her safety, it was neither with like assurances from Musharraf or her own PPP advisers. Of course, this takes a certain kind of courage, especially if she were herself disabused of the bona fides of those Washington assurances which, after all, came from a clique of proven fools prone quite publicly to believe their own bullshit, but even if she weren't.

But suicide? No. If she went back, it was likely for personal reasons, not necessarily altruistic ones. Perhaps her husband, Mr. 10%, and she thought this a ripe opportunity to amass further wealth while gaining power. Perhaps she was worried other PPP activists within Pakistan were starting to gain credible mass appeal and threatening her "PPP leader for life" title. Perhaps legacy reasons, in that had she not return, there would to have been much left of the putative Bhutto legacy. Perhaps a bit of all three and a craving for the good meetha paan you find in Karachi.

But suicide? No.

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by r------ on Fri Dec 28th, 2007 at 11:29:20 AM EST
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