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Yeah, I reduce everything that happens in Pakistan to one thing, and that one thing is life, and it's even more unitary than Islam, much less the stupid consumer-toy "culture" that Westerners rub up against when when want to feel alive.

Suicide bombers are all about simplicity, but no matter how simple they make it, the West still hasn't got a clue!

Mohammed Atta made it totally simple. Hit the Pentagon and the WTC with huge airplanes and tell the West to get their stinking corporate-military cancer out of the body of Islam.

Was that obvious enough for you? It was simple enough for any idiot to understand, but the West keeps blathering about politics and "economic man."

"Economic man" doesn't strap on a suicide bomb and blow himself up!

You wonder why I keep posting the happy little fellow wearing a Feynman diagram for a hat? Who is he?

He's Economic Man, still trying to buy Waziristan for a plasma TV and a Cadillac, and he still hasn't got a clue that it ain't for sale.

And so what if I post it again? Don't you have anything better to bitch about than a funny little picture?

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Qui vit sans folie n'est pas si sage qu'il croit.

by FPS Doug on Fri Dec 28th, 2007 at 01:20:33 PM EST
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