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Re: Keywords

Need to get technical here.

The problem with Keywords is the 'key word' has different interpretations and train of associations depending on the user, her background, his background (sex/gender impacts language use,) training, goal, immediate need, long term use, social class, & etc.  This means the use of a Key Word has unique connotations and denotations (Intensional/Extensional) for each user which intersects the 'Group Semiotics and Semantics' of the complete population of English language users but is not a subset of the 'Group Semiotics and Semantics.'  (Why?  Can't use the Axiom of Exclusion -- and that's another story.)

Further compounding the problem is the existence of technical language (i.e., jargon) comprising the same Representem (token, "word") but having different meanings (Semantics, roughly) in two (or more!) fields.    "Entropy" is a good example, compare it's meaning in Information Theory and Thermodynamics.

I concur a Keyword-approach is the best approach but we should be aware of its limitations.

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by ATinNM on Sun Dec 30th, 2007 at 01:35:12 PM EST
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