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Is anybody compiling a "wants" list arising out of this discussion?  I.e. things to be considered/deleted/prioritised when the project plan is being put together?  Are we putting together a project plan?

e.g. I have a "want"

When you go back to a thread after a while thre are 50 new comments on top of the 50 when you last looked at it.  You want to be able to selectively read the new 50 - which is fine whilst they are still market red(new).  However if you reply to one of the 50 the others 49 suddenly get unmarked and you can no longer pick them out from the 50 you have read.  I don't know what the best technical solution is as the new marker is removed every time the page is written to or refreshed.  Perhaps an "update" event like posting a comment should be removed from the refresh events that would normally remove the marker....

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