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It seems ET is slowly growing up to a size where this would be useful, indeed. Being away for a week means taking quite some time to catch up on what has been written in the meantime. It would be useful to have a rather limited list of tags (to avoid tags explosion) and to allow adding tags to existing stories/comments thread (there is a lot of content in the comments !)

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by linca (antonin POINT lucas AROBASE gmail.com) on Sun Dec 30th, 2007 at 03:45:54 PM EST
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In Theory, keywords solve that problem allowing information to be automatically found and retrieved no matter where it resides in the knowledge structure.

In Practice, not so much -- as evidenced by user frustration with Google, et.al.

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by ATinNM on Sun Dec 30th, 2007 at 04:02:16 PM EST
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I agree, that tags, if introduced, should be very limited and be built around a pre agreed set of words.

Additions ought to only happen on an administrative level, to avoid traps -> tags that refer to the same or similar things (Demokrat, Demokrats, Demokratic, demokrat, democrat......)

by PeWi on Mon Jan 7th, 2008 at 05:53:20 AM EST
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