Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.
I will at some point go back and read over these threads again, and also check if I missed any part of this nice fight over the passed two/three days. (travelling)
I found those threads, and the arguments invigorating and fun! Yes, all of the comments, from all sides! Even the ones in all caps, and the ones that were maybe less than curtious. Let's do it again someday! When some topic about which one is passionate comes up, I cannot see why one would not reply with passion. Is there any reason we  should all have to agree on this site? I hope not, a plurality of views should exist. But, this means that in the case of passionatly held views, some flame-war type events might happen. Nothing wrong with that! Flame away, and occasionally try to put some good stuff in there too. I would like everyone to occasionally be able to flame away without concern for wheter or not the other person might find whatever it is hurtful. We are all big boys/girls, right? We can take some hurt, some insult and still stay on, maybe? Just because someone offends some things you believe in, this is not a reason not to be friends? My personal approach is to respect the believer, but not the belief. Esp. when it comes to myscticism, religion, and related topics. Fuck PC, etc. So, this is my appeal: Can't we all just disagree, and yell about it loudly, and sometimes angerily and rudely, and still be friends??
by someone (s0me1smail(a)gmail(d)com) on Sun Dec 30th, 2007 at 02:01:21 PM EST

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