Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.
Maybe it's a coincidence but contributors from Italy often pull out or go into lurk mode. Hannah, Eternal City Blues, toyg and now you. melo.

I wasn't around for the flames and spats so I really don't know what the hell pushed you to this decision. I found out through the hidden comments where I did reply to Mr. Freeze's taunt by mega-trolling him where I found his comments of that tenure.

I almost never troll-rate as a matter of plain courtesy and for a practical reason: It not only eliminates the shitty comment but everything written on that thread, which at times is well worth keeping.

As for your personal issue with some people here I have difficulty piecing it together since there are no links supplied. Much has been compromised by the disappearance of entire threads. I can empathize but am not privy to why you're apparently pissed off at Dodo.

I don't consider myself as part of some elite inner club, nor feel that I'm supposed to have some cop role to enforce. I can't agree that there's institutionalized behaviour towards neophytes or newcomers. Sure, we know the ropes and are familiar with each other, hell, even some bonding going on. But Freeze's comments in general, the self-cancellation of his reportedly very good diary, his gratuitous insults and badgering are, to say the least, disruptive.

Disruptive? In group therapy at times there is a person bent on breaking up the setting. It is catalyzing but is often sterile just as any dia-bolic acting out is. A hell of a lot of dynamics come out both in the group and on an individual level, often brutal and aggressive. And it's up to the leaders or trainers to channelize the energy, to harness it, never leaving a single participant out in the cold. But all that goes on in a precise setting, the framework of a group that is doing therapy.

ET is not a therapy session. If anyone is into spilling their personal hang-ups, their relational problems, out in a disruptive manner, regardless of their noteworthy qualifications, I suggest they go elsewhere. The written format is far too easily misinterpreted. There's no tone of voice, pauses, hesitations or emphasis of a particular word to go by. There's no skin tone, eye movement, posture or gestures to go by. There are proper settings for that, and it's definitely not out here in the ether.

So the rules of the game are a modicum of courtesy and an effort to clarifying any misunderstanding. A caveat of troll-rating here is to explain why. And as far as I've seen that's been done.

Beyond that, I sympathize with your other points. A really good site is inspiring. I too have had long sleepless nights and have often got to that "hey, wait a minute" point when it over-compromised my meat-world edition. So I'll miss your presence and comments, even though I feel you'll still be around enjoying silently the great stuff everybody contributes here, you included.

Enjoy your vacation!

by de Gondi (publiobestia aaaatttthotmaildaughtusual) on Tue Jan 1st, 2008 at 04:15:09 PM EST

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