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Lasthorseman is the completion of my business school years plus the real late in life learning about all things equestrian.

The assignment in business ethics was to create a marketing scheme based upon the delivery of wireless television.  I was the engineer in my group and I suggested a breakthrough in technolgy that allowed a two-way cable TV delivery into the home via the current cell phone network.  I argued that the marketing value of having the information of who was watching what and when based upon relevant demographics via their credit card payments was profitable even though we would have to hide this capability aspect of our system.  Well my group members never fully grasped the concept.  They were American.  Trusting of their systems, their history as they were told and the current state of affairs as told by MSM media.  Well I did get an A and I also got another A on a paper on business ethics that stated "when I die Lord save some time as you are going to get an earful from me.

Since then,US and world situation exponentially accellerating towards the Satanic I asked the Lord if I might have the final horse ride before the Biblical Apopcalypse.  Well He actually said yes, even though I'm certainly not a religious fanatic and lean more towards the individual spirituality realm.  A Google search also showed the name to be realativly unused.

I attempt to use the name in pointing out the Satanic nature of contemporary society and politics.  I am as good at that as I am staying atop a greenbroke five year old gelding who still trips over his own feet.  He does like me and knows which of my jacket pockets to tag for his treats.  My aim is to inject the unconventional into the conventional and educate the unshaven masses.  

by Lasthorseman on Mon Dec 31st, 2007 at 10:53:07 PM EST

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