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hi poemless, yurts are an intelligent fantasy, at this point.

as my cottage is small, and the land is there, it makes sense to put some yurts up and offer hospitality that way.

they need platforms built, and smart siting, possibly some more tree-clearing.

i do have some friends who bail to india for winters, but live near here in a yurt the rest of the year, and it's inspired me. they have a couple of pv panels, a solar pump. and grow nice gardens, she does stained glass, they both write for money, and live very lightly on the land.

this land could support 4-5 yurts, but to cluster them, or spread them the most apart possible?

i believe there could be good potential for hosting people who want a quiet stay in the country, with vegetarian cooking, music, massage etc, but the infrastructure here is still pretty raw, not ready for prime time!

or old folks or young children.

i dream of a niche market of say a painter in one yurt, a writer in another, a weaver, a whittler, a coppicer... couples ok, paying modest amounts to stay a week, a month? and chill from whatever stress they're failing to balance or endure in their own 'real world', get on with their novel, paint their masterpiece, learn to meditate, take long country hikes, bike rides, architecture and museum visits, o yeah and catch up on ET on the wifi connection, currently low speed.

all in keeping with 'powering down', lol!

i know one guy who runs walking tours in the area and does ok, http://www.tuscanyumbriawalks.com/aboutus.html.

many italians run well appointed agriturismos which are an increasingly popular choice for italians and foreigners alike.

google umbria tuscany walking tours and you get 12500 hits umbria tuscany walking tours - Google Search, so a lot of folks mining that vein, though i must say it's not like they're that obvious on the ground, there are miles and miles of great, not too strenuous hiking around here.

for an Etopia type deal, you'd need accommodation for 15-20 people, a nice big gathering space, and meaningful things to do, so everyone could feel part of the permaculturisation of the land.

a couple of hours hard work in the mornings, siesta the afternoons, and socialise/brainstorm/party the evenings and nights, around an open fire, a communal meal,or cozy in yer yurt.

it looks good on paper anyway...

might be a while in the making, then it would be good for anyone, young, old, or in between.

problem is i spend too much time blogging, or it would be ready by now!!

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by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Sat Dec 8th, 2007 at 06:18:52 AM EST
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