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I must add to Migeru's notes that there has been a German court case between a wind park and a wind developer, where the former complained that a new farm ahead of theirs would reduce the power theirs generates and thus reduce income.

On a more general note: AFAIK the bulk of wind energy is further above ground, where air moves freely but is still thick, even 60 metre blades atop 150 metre towers would only skirt their downside.

On a hypothetical note: the atmosphere being a nonlinear system, I wouldn't close out climate effects from wind power, it's something to research. But if there is one, I guess it must be comparable to the effect of forest felling or highrise construction. Tho', I'd imagine the effect is dwarfed by the effect of changed thermal conditions (change in surface and air reflection/absorbtion ratio, heat production) -- an effect, hehe, nuclear plant cooling towers have too.

However, that that punter made such a point of wind changing climate is something I heard before, here from engineer colleagues, and I suspect it may come from some nuclear industry propaganda (probably US).

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