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Talking of Beatrice. Talisman has just sold their interest in the oil platform Beatrice. But not in the connected windfarms. Now if this has any consequences for the future of the project I cannot say (It made sense for Talisman to sell even thought they only(?) got 10mil for it. This is the first platform for Ithaka - the new owner, they do have other interests in the area, unlike Talisman.
It also means the field is too depleted even for Talisman.
As I said, they still run the turbines, and they are also going to decommission the platform. Which is somewhat peculiar, since that cost LOTS of money, but then I read in the papers today, that the government is supporting north sea oil by giving (tax) support for extending platform life and also in the decommissioning phase (cannot find the article, sorry)

When our new uberboss came to visit, I had a chance to speak to one of the top guys and asked about the windfarm. They were very cautious, and not really interested in it from a renewable point of view (I thought), more how to get energy to the aging platforms (which is a big problem for some of the other platforms Talisman operates) - now this was of course a highly unprepared conversation, that quickly moved onto Sudan, which was much more interesting.... (Talisman had interest there, but got sued out of it by US-American NGO's!) The guy was saying though, that they learned a lot about communication from that, which benefits them now in Peru, when dealing with the local's (flying rigs in with helicopters, images of Fitzcarraldo appeared before my eye)

as always, I have not the faintest idea, what I am talking about - I am just regurgitating talisman press releases (which I could post Monday, if anybody is REALLY interested)

by PeWi on Fri Dec 7th, 2007 at 08:33:32 PM EST

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