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I hope this will be so Fredouil. How people can buy this Segomagogery is beyond my understanding. It's Mitterand revisited, the man that made France lose 20 years of evolution towards a better society. She won't touch any of the real problems France has to face, like the debt, the trade deficit.. she will increase it by "buying" social peace, by postures...

the SMIC at 1500€ "when we can" .... how is that to be financed ? within 5 years, it's the normal inflation indexed increase.

free healthcare for the youth under 25 ? isn't it already free ?

pensions paid every month, Hallelujah !

obviously a palette of small measures, to satisfy every little complaint, and thus avoiding the big questions :

how tho finance future pensions, unemployment, defense, Europe etc... not a word...

rethorics, rethorics, rethorics

the NYT isn't maybe that wrong, Besancenot seemed quite happy on France Europe Express ad Laguiller salured her "courage" the other day...

pauvre France... doux pays de mon enfance

vote Bayrou, so we don't get LePen again in the second run...

by oldfrog on Sun Feb 11th, 2007 at 08:17:47 PM EST
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