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Having at last bought a new set of batteries, I have been able to listen to my favorite almost MSM, quite overlooked here on ET, which is French public radio.
This morning was France Culture, a rather elitist radio, on the lines of Arte TV, ie not for the masses, sometimes boring, often interesting.

Well the reaction was quite positive, à la B.H. Lévy, they didn't expect her to be that good and they rather liked the mix of leftist and pragmatic propositions. Which of course confirms what all her political adversaries have ignored at their own expense : she is a political killer.

As to the color of her skirts...

As you may have heard/seen, she wore red, after a lily white period. One is supposed to not notice, of course, I mean who would report Sarko's new suit color ?
Well, it is important, not because she is a woman, but because not enough politicians play this chord. Think Steve Jobs and his trademark black turtleneck : elegance helps even though it's politically correct to say it doesn't or shouldn't.

My money is on her to regain the initiative.

by balbuz on Mon Feb 12th, 2007 at 05:07:38 AM EST

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