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Mitterand did two good things : Europe and the abolition of the death penalty. That's about all.

On the home front :

  • nothing was done about the coming pension catastrophy, despite the warnings of Rocard

  • unemployment and precarity sailed away, and Mitterand didn't care : "I've tried every mean"

  • nationalisations ? you're kidding. He had to give up 3 years after. Anyway it was a dead end.

  • all the modernisation that France needed, education, universities, research postponed for the future. 1994 I started to surf on the Internet in Sweden, every civil servant had a computer. In France it was a cool gimmick shown on fairs.

besides :

  • gave green light to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

  • supported a whole parallell secret family on tax payers money

  • illegally wiretaped journalists, politicians and known people

  • lied about his health and published faked health reports

  • didn't act in time regarding the Rwanda genocide despite all the signs

  • had two suicides during his presidency, one prime minister and the other one, a confident, suicided with two bullets (!) in his head (at the Elysée).

Do you know any other Presidents in the West with such a record in recent years except Nixon and Bush and probably Berlusconi ?

Every asshole has a good side. If Nixon hadn't been caught on Watergate, he'd probably ended as the great president that ended the Vietnam war and made the big opening towards China...

by oldfrog on Mon Feb 12th, 2007 at 09:16:45 AM EST
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