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The tutoiement story arises from the fact that Sarkozy deliberately calls political journalists following his campaign "tu" so as to create a false buddy-buddy atmosphere.

It was discussed on Arrêt sur image last week with Philippe Ridet, who follows NS around for Le Monde. Asked why he accepted this compromising familiarity, Ridet said he personally found it difficult to use the formal "vous" with someone who called him "tu". One wonders how many people, and which ones, he would apply this precept to!?

This is all about "access", and the political figure handing out favours. And journalists playing the game instead of keeping the necessary professional distance.

I don't agree with your final paragraph. True, there is insufficient investigative journalism in France. But your picture of journalists spending their time swigging wine while thinking up puns is yet another of the reactionary stereotypes you like to spout.

Tell us rather about the "automatic" transparence of Nordic journalists. How does that work?

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