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There used to be a center party until the end of the fourth republic ; it was called the radicals (it used to be a leftist party, back when the socialists wouldn't get in a bourgeois government in the 19th century). It split into two parts during the fifth republic, one part (the Parti Radical de Gauche) being a small ally of the PS, another (Parti Radical Valoisien) which used to be a part of the UDF, until it allied with the UMP with Borloo (and don't call him center ; he introduced the "easy to fire" CNE and CPE). Both parties are very small.

Bayrou has consistently been to the right of that party. In 1994 he introduced the reform of the Falloux law, allowing the easier financing of private schools by collectivité locales, and got one million strong demonstrations in the streets... And now you find teachers voting for him. Oh well.

Un roi sans divertissement est un homme plein de misères

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