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I am posting three pictures I rarely show because most people cannot understand why they are interesting.  But after DeAnder's hand-typed addition to our lives, these pictures mean something.  Dos Passos "got" Veblen!!!

Stanford house

This is the house where Veblen died.  It was recently destroyed.  The land it sat on had become amazingly "valuable" there across the street from the Stanford Golf Course.

Veblen's table

Veblen was a son of a master carpenter--who was much more in love with ornamentation than his son.  This table was built by an old man.  It is about as plain as one can be.  Yet it is well-proportioned, sturdy, and carefully built.  There is actually a glue joint that ran the length of the top that does not show up on this picture.  This table was built by the man who wrote "The Theory of the Leisure Class" AND "The Instinct of Workmanship."

table detail

Nothing fancy about this joint.  Veblen's father built his Minnesota house using mortise and tenon joints on the FRAMING to save money on nails.  He laid the first hardwood floor in the county using groove and spline joints.  Thorstein very likely know how to make fancy joints, he simply choose not to on this table.  There were two of these tables--Veblen probably built them both in a single day.

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