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Your concern is very valid I think, as is the librarian's in the Boingboing post.  I was being a little bit facetious in going on about my shiny nuggets.

But not entirely.  I think the concerns expressed by the librarian, and perhaps yours as well, have more to do with the quality and accessibility of general education than with the ready availability of online information.  If all our young people have is an endless stream of trivia online, on TV, and in their classrooms,  it is no wonder that they don't read and don't have any sort of framework to put their shiny nuggets into perspective.

I think the wide spread availability of information online is on balance a good thing.  I think having the educational background to put that information to good use is a much larger and more important issue.

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by budr on Sun Feb 4th, 2007 at 07:47:16 PM EST
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