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That might be an idea, but let's say a couple of things here. You mention Pasqua. Pasqua was Sarkozy's mentor, his personal and direct way (very young) into politics in Neuilly. Sarkozy as Interior Minister has certainly continued in the repressive, security-paranoia Pasqua style.

Jérôme is surely right when he says (as he has) that Sarkozy is, finally, all hat and no cattle, and will end up being another Chirac. That's broadly true, imo. However, they're not the same generation and Sarko is a long way from General De Gaulle. Some say he's a neocon and see him as part of a vast conspiracy. I don't think that's the case, but I'd certainly expect a more Atlanticist stance from France with Sarko president. That would of course include a more pro-Israel line, and recent endorsements from neocon-like nouveaux philosophes André Glucksmann and Alain Finkielkraut tend to back that impression up.

In economic matters, Sarko is part of a much more neo-lib band of capitalists and bosses than Chirac's old-school lot. He would certainly, in the wake of victorious elections, pass "reforms" to reduce the tax burden on the rich (fortune tax and estate tax, income tax, tax ceiling) while reducing employee protection in the job market (new contracts, easier firing), and reducing unit labour costs by cutting payroll taxes on overtime, allowing employers to keep chosen (ie trained, skilled, productive) workers at work for longer hours, with an inevitable accentuation of the gap between skilled and lower-skilled, those with a job and those without or on the fringes of employment.

I'm not sure there would be widespread resistance in the first year or so of a new presidency (that would surely have a majority in the National Assembly, since the parliamentary elections follow the presidential and the tendency is to always give the new president a majority). How much harm Sarko could do before gridlock set in I don't know, but I'd really rather not have to find out ;).

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